Sometimes it's good to look at things from a different perspective. To form figures that appear movable from a piece of metal and to assemble them into sculptures reminiscent of something that is felt, that is a process that me drives on. We are very lucky when we „burn“ for something in our lives and we realize it. My subjects always have something to do with interpersonal relationships. Children our future, wars checkmate, football games and many others. 

I spottet the rusty iron after the Reunification 1990 in the garden of my uncle Karl Ellerichmann in Berlin-Neuenhagen. I spottet two large iron plates that had the appearance  like a painting. The multi-colored, textured rust, perforated and grow with grass fascinated me so much that I grabbed these plates in my car and brought them to Italy.

I drew my first figures (dancers) onto the rusty sheet. In Sanfatucchio there was a small a locksmith shop, where I asked to teach me all the skills that were necessary for the sheet metal processing.

The locksmiths were very amused and they believed I would be loosing interest within one or two days. My fascination has infected them, something they never had experienced before. They had a lot of patience with me and even up to now I am receiving their  support. We've become friends. I learned to deal with safety regulations and personal protection, with welding torches, goggles, scissors and other machines and besides I learned the Italian Languages. So it all started and now I have been working with Rusty iron about more then 25 years  and I am still enthusiastic about these many various ideas off mine and this hopefully continue, as long as I have got the power to. Since 2000, my partner Marian Oleksin actively supports me as my assistant.